Menopause & 5 amazing essential oils not to miss

For any woman, menopause is viewed as a milestone.

When it happens, the menstrual cycle and the reproductive years finish. According to medical standards, postmenopausal women go a full year without menstruation. While there may be significant differences, most women report feeling it beyond the age of 45. The time leading up to menopause, which commonly occurs in a woman’s 40s, is known as perimenopause. The decline in hormone levels that precedes menopause is brought on by the ovaries, which gradually stop producing estrogen and progesterone. The fall in estrogen levels causes menopausal symptoms including mood changes, weight gain, hot flashes, night sweats, dry mouth, trouble sleeping, and decreased sexual drive.

Additionally to heart palpitations and high blood pressure, menopausal women may experience. Medicine can be used to treat hot flashes and other symptoms, and hormone replacement therapy may also be used in some circumstances with the help of your doctor

It’s critical to look after oneself and develop stress-reduction routines during this period of change:

Drink at least 2 liters of water each day to stay hydrated. You can boost the effects of your water by adding 1-2 drops of organic lemon, grapefruit, or peppermint essential oil.

Consume wholesome, energizing food. Did you know that some of the doTERRA essential oils can be used in cooking? 

Use essential oils to reduce tension and promote relaxation. When you can, get enough sleep.  7-8 hours of sleep every night. 

Be aware of how you’re moving. Daily breathing exercises and weekly/daily meditation, should help you greatly.

Essential oils are known to alleviate symptoms like  lack of sleep, hot flashes, depression, moodiness 

balance hormones and weight gain.  

Middle-aged women who experience anxiety, mood swings, or sadness may find relief from these symptoms with the aid of essential oils. Hormone harmony is promoted by geranium oil. The uterus can be fortified with rose oil. Menopausal women can use evening primrose as a carrier oil. Regular aromatherapy massage may be a successful treatment for melancholy, discomfort, and hot flashes. Alternative therapies such as Reiki and Access Bars are advised and beneficial during this period and it equally helps with any sleep issues. If you wish to book your sessions you may do it via our webpage, under services/therapies.

Some other suggestions for essential oils that you can use for hot flashes:

Clary sage oil, Geranium oil, Peppermint,  and Roman chamomile.    

Suggestions for when feelings fatigued:  

Grapefruit, Bergamot,  Ylang-ylang, and the amazing  Frankincense   

When it comes to depression, the following oils helped me: 

Neroli, Rose, Roman chamomile, and Clary sage

For my anxiety I used: 

Lavender, Cardamom,  Peppermint, Vetiver oil    

Sleeping extra hours is always a better suggestion, but if you are having issues (other than the audio offered on our page), see some of the essential oils suggested: 

Lavender, Roman chamomile, and Sweet orange. These 3 are some of my favorite oils and I use them almost daily.

Keep in mind to always dilute essential oils with a carrier, such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, or sweet almond oil. A carrier is available at doTERRA or most probably locally to you. You can use 1-2 drops of essential oil to 1 teaspoon of carrier oil, on average. Apply them to your wrists, temples, neck, back, and abdomen. 


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