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I am a citizen of the world, residing in Scandinavia with my family. I am passionate about traveling, meeting people, different cultures, gastronomy, music and dancing. My favorite times are when I sit down and listen to other people's life experiences and stories. I respect and admire the differences that make us all so unique and yet wonderful.

My story in Healing started when I  had to face postpartum depression and issues concerning my weight.  With that, came the lack of confidence, the stress, the depression, anxiety etc.  A very difficult period in my life, not only for me but for those around me.

It took time, but I won the battle. It wasn’t easy. Unfortunately, I noticed that the support, awareness, and information were not there.  I also found that mental health was still taboo among women after giving birth. Women were not discussing their emotions in the open nor were they supporting each other. We are told to “toughen up”, “it will pass” or “don’t worry we all go through this”… Well, some of us do not!

With struggle, I made it, I had help from a therapist. It took me a long time between the therapy sessions and my inner struggles to actually overcome postpartum depression and only recently weight loss.


Maria Leonor

My Healing journey truly started to blossom as I discovered the effect essential oils had on me emotionally. I started to look forward to simple things in my every day life and activities with my family.

The journey was not over, I struggled still with so many feelings until I found Reiki. Everything began to shift for the better, I was calm and in peace. As I deepened my knowledge in Reiki I also went back to practice meditation (something I had stopped years before). I was slowly transforming myself while using Reiki, Meditation, Essential Oils and later on Access Bars.

I continued my beautiful path, and came across RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy). I knew by then I had to help others that have gone through similar issues. I certified myself as Hypnotherapist and became a Licensed RTT Practitioner. The results were incredible!

I am not rigid in the kind of therapy I provide; I believe that each person is unique and so I tailor the sessions to suit your specific needs. What I do tends to be a little different, I incorporate techniques from a variety of evidence based sources, rather than relying on a single form of therapy. I like to use Reiki when possible, Access Bars and Aromatherapy. Most RTT sessions nowadays are via Zoom platform, and they work extremely well, no different than before. Your location does not prevent us from having a session, I work with clients worldwide. I am happy to work in Portuguese or English.

I offer you a safe, supportive environment in which you can communicate, gain insight, trust and develop new skills. I listen to what you say, what you feel and what you need in order to help you to clarify your inner conflicts, and conquer your barriers so you can achieve the success you always wanted.

"When you believe in you, everyone else believes in you"

- Marisa Peer -

So, now I ask you:

"When was the last time you invested in yourself?"

I would love to hear from you,

Blessings from my heart to yours,

Maria Leonor, C.Hyp

Certified Hypnotherapist, Licensed RTT Practitioner
Reiki Healer, Access Bars Practitioner

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"When you do what you love, you have purpose. When you share it with others, you have meaning."

- Marisa Peer -